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The following Poetry and Culture columns written for 3 Quarks Daily can be accessed through the links below. All contents copyright. Some of these columns (*) take the form of digital prose with an associated poem.

To Seek and Find Part One* Poetry and limitations of the ironic mode in the new millennium 26/9/2005
To Seek and Find Part Two *
To Seek and Find Essay on Irony
Prosopisia Vol 1, 2008, 44-56
Benjamin Britten Music and poetry, attendant muses at the grinding gears
Federico Fellini * Circus Maximus
Poetry of the Real * Six Feet Over
Birgit Nilsson and Joan Sutherland * The Stupendous
Winged Victory * The Sydney Opera House
Philip Larkin * Hull-Haven
The Best Poems Ever
Richard Wagner Orpheus Ascending Part One
Richard Wagner Orpheus Ascending Part Two
Richard Wagner * Orpheus Ascending Part Three
Whatever * A New York State of Mind
Poetry of Lists
Emily Dickinson * The Poem of Ecstasy
Ern Malley * Doppelgänger in the Desert
Don't Curb Your Enthusiasm *
'Asking Auden'
Marbeck Valerian * My Perverse Critic
Invitation To The Dance *
'Ah! fuyez, douce image' *
Gwen Harwood
Sir Edward Elgar Allegro vivace e nobilmente
'The Speewah Ballad' *
Gustav Mahler 'Though I sang in my chains like the sea'
'Is your mouth a little weak?' Commitment, politics and poetry
'And The Winner Is . . .'
'Gut gemacht, Rex!'*
A Golden Age
Fireworks Display Exhaustion Syndrome
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First Internet reference Three poems - Ozlit
Ozlit editorial Includes 'Music', 'Songlines', 'Now,Voyager' and 'Lustre'
Archived site National Library of Australia
18/11/2002, 18/11/2005, 18/6/2008

Three poems

'Official Secrets'
'Kursk' Nicholson

Photographs by David Moore

National Library of Australia
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Three portrait photographs

Contemporary Authors Gale
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Gian Lorenzo Bernini Apollo e Dafne
Galleria Borghese Rome 1973