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Published September, 2012

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Photo: David Moore

Recent News

2014 Contemporary Authors New Revision Series published in hardback and eBook formats
August, 2013 Indo - Australian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry Sunil Sharma, Rob Harle, Sangeeta Sharma eds. Five poems
August 1, 2013 Australian History Live! Eyewitness Accounts from the Past
Ian Warden ed., published by National Library of Australia Publishing 'Winged Victory: The Sydney Opera House'
September 3, 2012 New & Selected Poems published in paperback and eBook formats
July 2012 Three poems translated into Spanish by Carlos Cámara--'Preguntas Para Auden', 'Australia', 'Confundidos En El Pacifico', Ediciones De La Mirandola
Winter 2011 'From Verse To Worse' published in The Reader, University of Liverpool, No. 44
September 22, 2011 Hammerhead published in paperback and eBook formats; first publication of an eBook
September, 2011 Rupkatha Journal Contemporary Poetry in English Vol 3 No. 2 Five poems